This is Sparkle Art

Did you ever want a unique piece of art for your home or office?
Tired of that blank wall staring at you? Keep reading!

Seriously though, what the hell is Sparkle Art?


Some of the best sparkle art is actually “made” by you!  I will set everything up for you to have a super fun time coloring or crafting or whatever.  You’ll show your friends your finished coloring book page and say “look what I did.”

At this point I, who designed, printed and delivered the book, will get all resentful ’cause I am not getting credit.

Glittery Madness

Glitter gets everywhere!!! But there isn’t nearly enough of it in art.

I just fixed that problem. You’re welcome!

Sparkle art, sparkles, and since I can’t afford diamond dust at this point I am going with glitter.  If it makes you feel better it’s Martha Stewart glitter, so it is pretty high end.


Some of my friends have kids and to be honest, children bore me. The things they get to do however are amazing.

I am snatching the good stuff and using it for myself. Coloring, glitter, collage; mine now bitches!

Go cry to your parents, cause that shit don’t work on me.

Free Sparkle Art Starter Kit: Try your Hand at Creating Art

I encourage you to try Sparkle Art for yourself. This totally free sparkle art starter kit is yours. It includes some of my all-time favorites: glitter, glue-on jewels and googley eyes. Grab it now by clicking the button below!

Send my free Starter Kit

Why The Hell Do I Need Sparkle Art?

You need Sparkle Art if:

  • None of your art sparkles. Time to change that.
  • It all looks like an adult made it. Yuk, bo-ring.
  • All your art looks like it was worth what you paid for it. You need to overpay for some nonsense. That’s what art collecting is all about. Showing others that you have money to burn.
  • Also none of your art makes you laugh. Are you really that sad? Is this what your life has come to? No giggles! What is wrong with you?

Sparkle Art is great for:

  • Filling up that blank, empty wall in your living room. Or anywhere for that matter.
  • Making you laugh when you’re taking a dump in your otherwise boring bathroom.
  • Impressing friends and family with your ‘art connaissance‘.
  • Showing of to your boyfriend/girlfriend. “Look at how much money I have.”
  • People who need to relive their childhood. Yes, I’m looking at you!
Get Into It