Canvas Print: “Yawning Warthog"


Do not let the banality of others bore you to tears. I am right with you. Being the most magical person in the room can get lonely. 

Here is the fix.

Step 1.
Curate your space to always uplift you

Step 2.
Remember that you came here to be magical and anything less is a lie. 

Step 3.
Get your ass out there and be as “you” as you possibly can. All of you. 

Hang this wWarthog on your wall so you don’t fall into the trap of dimming your sparkle to make others comfortable at the expense of yourself. 

It’s been time for you to turn it up and unleash the you you have been holding back.

The world needs you to be at 100% RIGHT FUCKING NOW. 

This is a canvas print of an original assemblage that was made from Pom Poms and the page of a book.

  • 30-day trial, return if unsatisfied
  • 100% ready to hang
  • Customizable size and frame

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